Ms. Nitt Chumchuen

After taking P80, I feel fresh and lively both inside and outside.

Ms. Kanist Ngoy

P80 helps to have deep sleep. I feel fresh and rejuvenated after waking up.

Ms. Pang Narinthron

P80 is very good! Waking up every morning, I feel fresh. I absolutely recommend the product.

Mrs. Pattana Nobanthao

P80 tastes delicious with intense flavor and fragrance. It helps sleep well through the night.

Ms. Pochana Lertkhunakornkij

The longan juice is aromatic and flavorful. It helps me sleep well.

Ms. Pichaya Raveerungpisan

Delicious and easy to drink, P80 helps me have sound sleep all night. I wake up every morning fresh and energetic!

Ms. Habibah Binmad

I got my hands on the product before the New Year. Mixing with warm water, I drink it before going to bed every night. It’s not only very tasty but makes me feel relaxed and sleep well.

Ms. Takkizz Phusanisa

P80 helps in getting deep sleep that I would like to recommend. You wake up feeling very fresh. Just a teaspoon can be of great help.^^

Mr. Chanchai Petcharath

I have tried taking P80 before going to bed. It has rich taste and is easy to consume. I feel that it helps me sleep well.

Ms. Namfon Ya-Nil

It’s very easy to take, try it and sleep happy! You will sleep all night and wake up in the morning very fresh and bright.

Ms. Tanawin Sonsaising

P80 has a sweet taste and is easy to drink. It can be taken by people of all genders and ages. It helps you sleep really well. You wake up in the morning, truly refreshed and energetic body and mind. It’s very good!

Mr. Pop Creek Hampton

Drink a tablespoon of P80 with warm water before bedtime. You can sleep well, have deep and wake up in the morning feeling comfortable. It's really good for me because I am a person who is very difficult to sleep.

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