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คุณ Nitt Chumchuen

ทาน P80 แล้วสดใสทั้งภายในและภายนอก

Khun Sa

After brain surgery, my grandchild tried P80 while recuperating at home and found that in the first 3 days, both her face and skin looked brighter and hair became more beautiful.

Khun Nisanart

I'm suffering sleeping problems and always waking up in the middle of the night. After drinking P80 regularlly, Now I can sleep very well like normal people.

Khun Akaradech

I suffered from prostatic hyperplasia and have to go to the toilet several times during the day time and at night. I consulted a doctor and took medicine for months but I didn't get better. Until I have a chance to try P80 and, unbelievably, in only 2 days it worked. The frequency of going to the toilet reduced by 80-90%. And, one thing I noticed is that my hands and feet became warmer and this come from P80.

Khun Nattawut

I have a blood pressure problem and I have taken medicine for almost 10 years. After drinking P80 for 1 month, my blood pressure reduced and I was able to reduce the amount of medicine I took.

Khun Prannee

After drinking P80 for 20 days, my skin looked brighter and wrinkles disappeared. My friends asked me whether I went for Botox.

Khun Rawis Rajitworakan

My mother has a problem with her knee bones. After drinking P80, she got better in the first 3 days and continue drinking it until today. Now she has almost back to normal.

Khun Sawittree

After 1 month of drinking P80, my blemishes and freckles disappeared and my skin became brighter and my eye allergies become better too.

Khun Somchai

My right leg often goes numb when I practice meditation or sit for a long time. After drinking P80 for 3 days, the symptoms are noticeably improved. Now I can do meditation for longer time.

Khun Prawit Ngamlertrattanapong

I have knee pain while driving because I have to drive for a long time. After drinking P80 regularly, I found the pains (while driving) has disappeared.

Khun Pongthep

I forgot that I used to sleep continuously for 6 hours for decades. Now, my life is very happy.

Khun Nattha

It's refreshing. My husband drinks this and become healthier. So I bought this for my friends.

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