Produced with Innovative Patented Technology to extract the below 5 Bioactive Compounds :

ELLAGIC ACID : Helps maintain blood pressure balance and inhibits viruses.

CORILAGIN : Helps strengthen the immune system.

GABA : Reduces stress, provides Relaxation and helps maintain overall functioning of the body.

TANNIC ACID : Protects liver from oxidative damage

GALLIC ACID : Inhibits viruses and reduces risks associated with cancer and heart disease.

✓ 5 bioactive super-antioxidants have a high ORAC (Oxidative Radical Absorbance Capacity) value of 11,855 μmol TE/g.

✓ With the 5 bioactive compounds intact, 100% natural extract from longan has 35 times more antioxidants than in fresh longan fruit.

✓ The natural extract from longan has higher amount of antioxidants as indicated below :

 Higher than in Honey - 91 Times

 Higher than in Coconut - 11 Times

 Higher than in Green Tea - 9 Times

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