Frequently Asked Questions

What is P80?

P80 Natural Essence™ is a 100% natural extract concentrate from longan produced through a unique process, obtaining 5 bioactive antioxidants. P80 Nutri Drink™ is a read-to-drink longan juice from P80 natural extract concentrate.

What are the benefits of consuming P80?

P80 Natural Essence™, 100% natural extract concentrate from longan fruit, has the following health benefits: ✓Helps to sleep well ✓Aids in blood circulation ✓Helps to relax ✓Rich in antioxidants ✓Provides relief from exhaustion ✓Safe for diabetic patients to consume due to its low glycemic index (49.7%). The 5 bioactive compounds, extracted through unique, innovative process, are: ✓ GABA ✓ Gallic acid ✓ Ellagic Acid ✓ Tannic Acid ✓ Corilagin P80 Nutri Drink™ - EASY TO DRINK ANYWHERE, FEEL GOOD EVERY DAY!

What is your product replacement/warranty policy?

Customers can exchange the product in the event of damage during transit within 7 days from the date of receipt of the product as mentioned in the delivery note. Should the product have quality problems, please send it back for the company to check the quality within 14 days after you received the product. For more information, contact our Customer Relations Department at 080 800 0000.

Can people with diabetes consume P80?

Yes. It is absolutely safe for diabetics to consume P80 in the recommended dosage because it has low glycemic index. Though it tastes sweet, its sweetness is natural which is good. Clinical trials of the product have confirmed that regular intake of P80 did not increase blood sugar levels.

Can people taking insulin injections consume P80?

As said earlier, P80 does not increase blood sugar levels. But it is suggested to consult doctor before taking the product.

How does P80 help people facing difficulty with lack of sleep?

From clinical trials done by the Faculty of Medicine, Chiang Mai University, it’s been found that drinking P80 daily would help people to have healthy and sound sleep.

For how many days do I need to take P80 to feel the effect on my sleeping pattern?

Results of tests on people with sleep problems have shown that their sleep had improved by 50% after taking P80 for 3 days and by 80% after taking for 7 days. This apart, people suffering from joint pains have gotten relief from the pain after consuming P80 for a month.

Will taking P80 make you fatter?

P80 is a product that has sweetness from real fruit and has 0% fat. So you don't gain fat after taking it. In addition, research has shown that P80 would not increase blood lipid levels.

Does P80 have any added sugar?

P80 is 100% natural and contains 11 g of fruit-based sugars, which is 27-30 g lesser than in soft drinks.

How many calories does P80 have?

One serving or 15 ml (1 tablespoon) of P80 contains 50 calories, which is less than that of a ladle of rice containing 80 calories.

How many times a day should P80 be taken and in what quantity?

We recommend you to take 1 tablespoon or 15 ml per day; to be consumed directly or mixed with water or beverages as you like.

How is P80 different from fresh longan?

P80 is a 100% herbal drink concentrate extracted from longan through a unique production process to produce bioactive compounds. Fresh longan will not serve the purpose since it’s devoid of these compounds.

Can people, who have eaten fresh longan and eventually suffering from excess body heat, consume P80?

P80 contains 100% concentrated longan extract but undergoes a special manufacturing process. It’s safe for those who have eaten fresh longan. We recommend you to mix P80 with water and consume during the day.

Can people allergic to longan drink P80?

P80 contains 100% concentrated longan extract. In case of allergy to longan, we do not recommend the product.

Can people taking dietary supplements consume P80?

Yes. Because P80 is 100% natural, it can be taken with any dietary supplements.

Why is P80 so expensive?

Believe it or not, it takes 40-50 kg of fresh longan fruit to make just one bottle of P80! Further, the product is derived from a unique production process.

How to store P80?

P80 can be stored at normal temperature. Once opening the bottle, close the lid tightly.

What is the shelf life of P80?

The shelf life of P80 is 18 months from the date of manufacture. But after opening the bottle, it has to be consumed within 3 months.

Can pregnant women consume P80?

P80 can be consumed by all because it is a 100% natural product. It has benefits for pregnant women as well.

Are P80 products Halal-certified?

P80 products are manufactured in compliance with Halal terms. We are currently in the process of obtaining Halal Certification.

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