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What is P80?

P80 is the concentrated longan essence drink manufactured under an exclusive production process. P80 makes you look young and healthy. 

How could P80 benefit me?

1. Make you healthy and controls the blood pressure
2. Improve your sleep quality
3. Relieve the backache, joint pain and office syndrome
4. Improve the memory
5. Freshen you up and make you look young

  1. ลูกค้าสามารถทำการเปลี่ยนสินค้า กรณี สินค้า เกิดการชำรุดเสียหายจากการขนส่ง ภายในระยะเวลา 7 วัน นับจากวันที่ท่านได้รับสินค้า (โดยถือตามเอกสารการรับสินค้าเป็นหลัก) 
  2. กรณีที่สินค้ามีปัญหาเรื่องคุณภาพ กรุณาส่งสินค้าที่เกิดปัญหาของท่านกลับคืนมา เพื่อบริษัททำการตรวจสอบเรื่องคุณภาพ กรุณาส่งสินค้ากลับภายใน 14 วันหลังจากที่ท่านได้รับสินค้าที่สั่งซื้อ

สอบถามข้อมูลเพิ่มเติม ติดต่อแผนกลูกค้าสัมพันธ์ เบอร์ 088 806 9696 หรือ 02 215 3964

Can diabetic patients take P80?

Diabetic patients should take P80 according to the prescribed dose, as it contains low amount of sugar. 
Its sweet taste is from the natural source.
Diabetic patients can take P80. According to the clinical trial, regular doses of P80 do not increase the blood sugar.

Any side effect, if a diabetic patient is taking insulin injection?

P80 does not increase the blood sugar. However, it is recommended to consult a physician before taking P80. 

How does P80 improve my sleep quality?

According to a clinical trial of the Faculty of Medicine, Chiang Mai University, daily doses of P80 improve the sleep quality.

How many days will it take to improve the sleep quality?

According to the test, the sleep quality of volunteers who had sleeping problems improves by 50% after 3 days and 80% after 7 days. After 1 month of daily doses, the joint pain is relieved.

Will P80 increase my weight?

P80 contains sweetness from natural fruit and 0% fat. 

Is sugar added to P80?

P80 contains sweetness from natural fruit and 0% fat. According to the research, P80 does not increase blood lipid or your weight.

How many Calories does P80 contain?

50 Calories per serving (15 ml. or 1 tablespoon) which is less than 80 Calories from a ladle of rice.

Instruction of use

15 ml. or 1 tablespoon daily. Consume P80 purely or mix it with any beverage.

What is difference between P80 and natural longan?

P80 is concentrated longan essence drink manufactured under an exclusive production process. The bio active compounds make you look young and healthy.   

I have apthous ulcer caused by natural longan. Can I take P80?

P80 is 100% concentrated longan essence drink. Thanks to an exclusive production process, you can still take P80.

I am allergic to longan. Can I take P80?

P80 is 100% concentrated longan essence drink. Therefore, it is forbidden for ones who are allergic to longan.

Will P80 cause any side effect, if I take other food supplement?

P80 is 100% natural. You can take P80 together with other food supplement.

Why is it so expensive?

One bottle of P80 requires 40-50 kg. of longan. The exclusive production process preserves natural nutrients and various health benefits which help you look young and healthy.


After opening, tightly close the cap.

Shelf life of P80?

Shelf life of P80 is 18 months. After opening, P80 should not be kept longer than 3 months

Any side effect in case of pregnancy?

P80 is 100% natural product. It is beneficial for pregnant women.

Does P80 obtain a Halal certificate?

The manufacturing and ingredients of P80 comply with Halal conditions. At present, we are on the Halal application process.

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