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Website Terms of use

Please read the conditions of the terms of use specified in this document (“Terms”) thoroughly. In the Terms, “Natural Bev” will refer to PM 80 LTD. and/or related companies or affiliates as appropriate for the context.
When you use this website (“Website”), you agree to be bound by and accept the Terms without any limitation or condition. PM 80 may amend the Terms occasionally without notice. Your use of the Website after such amendment means you accept and agree to be bound by the amended Terms. If you do not accept any of the terms, please leave and refrain from using this Website.
PM 80 allows you to view and download the content on this Website during your time of use for personal purpose only.
PM 80 is the owner and has the legal right to the content of this Website, including but not limited to all text, images, names, logos, and trademarks (“Content”). Modifying, amending, transmitting, duplicating, copying, saving or scanning the Content for any purpose in any format or by any equipment is strictly prohibited unless expressly permitted by PM 80 from an announcement published on the Website or document sent by PM 80 stating no limitation on the Terms. The Content in these Terms shall not be construed as permission or right to use any trademark displayed on the Website without express written consent from the owner of such trademark.
Privileges and useful information for healthcare
This Website may have one or more links to other websites operated by third parties ("third-party websites"). Some third-party websites may also have links to this Website. PM 80 does not have any control, responsibility, or liability regarding content from any third-party website. Access to any third-party website is at your own risk. PM 80 is not liable for your use or trust in any information published on such third-party websites. Giving your facts or personal information to such websites are at your own risk and PM 80 has no responsibility or liability thereto.
Although PM 80 reasonably uses our best efforts to ensure that the Content on the Website is reliable, using this Website is at your own risk. To use this Website, you accept that all information, products, and services on the Website are provided "as is". PM 80 will not expressly or tacitly guarantee that any information on this Website or any product or service on this Website is accurate, complete, reliable, usable, or lawful, including but not limited to (to the extent permitted by applicable law) a guarantee of salability, suitability for specific purposes, or no breach of third party rights. In addition, PM 80 will not guarantee or certify that this Website can be used without interruption, errors, or viruses.
This Website has information and content about PM 80 and products manufactured or sold under P80 PM 80 trademark. It does not provide consulting or medical advice directly or indirectly. This Website has no content intended as consulting or medical advice. You accept that any advice from PM 80 to answer your health-related questions is from a nutritional aspect, not from a medical aspect and accept that by encouraging you to ask us questions, we have no objective to provide any medical diagnosis or treatment service for you. You also accept that the nutritional advice is in general.
Please consult your doctor or other qualified healthcare expert if you want medical consultation or advice, or if you are not sure whether the product mentioned and/or on the Website is suitable for you.
To the extent permitted by applicable laws, PM 80 will not be liable for you and you will protect PM 80 from any liability from contracts, breaches, and other negligence for direct, indirect, consequential, or punitive damage (whether alleged or proven) resulting from or related to your use or trust in the Content on this Website or other websites that may have links to this Website. The abovementioned disclaimer will not apply in case of injury or death resulting from negligence or deceptive false warranty.
If PM 80 provides “username” and/or “password” for you to access this Website or some parts of this Website, such “username” and/or “password” shall be confidential and personal. “Username” and “password” provided for you are PM 80's property. You shall not disclose your “username” or “password” to any other person and you will be responsible in case any other person uses your “username” and/or “password” regardless of your awareness or consent. You shall inform PM 80 if it is reasonably believed that there is any security problem with your “username” or “password”. PM 80 may cancel your account and/or deny or restrict access to the Website anytime without prior notice for any reason. Even though PM 80 intends to provide service for a long period of time, we reserve the right to modify or cancel the service for members if we can no longer provide the service for members or discounts due to a competitive environment.
Under the enforcement of the Privacy Policy on personal information, comments, advice, opinions, questions, data, images, photos, and any other data or content you announce on the Website or send to PM 80 through the Website (“Supporting Information”) shall be treated as information that is not confidential and not owned by anyone. All Supporting Information shall be under PM 80's ownership and PM 80 shall have the right to use the Supporting Information or any part of such information for any purpose that is deemed appropriate (including but not limited to use in other channels or media) without compensation to you or any third party. When announcing or sending Supporting Information, you guarantee that you are the owner of the Supporting Information who has the necessary right to use or manage such information and that the use of the Supporting Information by PM 80 shall not violate the right of any third party. You accept that PM 80 has no obligation to use the Supporting Information or to give credit to or identify you if PM 80 chooses to use such Supporting Information.
You agree not to announce or send illegal information that is threatening, abusive, defamatory, indecent, obscene, or sacrilegious, or any content that may cause or supports any action that may be considered a crime or violation of applicable law. PM 80 reserves the right to delete any content that is objectionable at its sole discretion. Nature Bev, at its sole discretion, may restrict access to the Website or cancel your account in case your use of the Website is against any provision in the Terms.
You agree to compensate and indemnify PM 80 for actual, incidental, or consequential loss or damage as a result of your violation of any applicable law.
If you believe that anything on the Website violates your owned or controlled copyright or intellectual property, you can inform us at:
Customer Service Department, PM 80 LTD. Phone number : 088-8069696 , 088-8246611 on Monday – Friday at 08.30-18.00 hrs.
Copyright PM 80 LTD.

Terms and Conditions for Purchase of Products

Your purchase of P80 products from PM 80 LTD. on this Website is under the enforcement of the Terms and Conditions. By purchasing products from this website, you agree to be bound by the following Terms and Conditions.
  • The words specified under the Terms and Conditions have the following meaning.
    • “our” “us” and “we” mean PM 80 LTD.
    • “you” means an individual, company, or juristic person who purchases products.
    • “product” or “products” means any product or all products for sale on the Website.
  • It is considered your responsibility to keep your “username” and “password” confidential.
  • Any information displayed on the Website is not our offer to sell or supply a product or service but rather an invitation for you to make an offer. Submitting an order through the Website means you make an offer to purchase your selected product on the Website according to the Terms and Conditions.
  • Photos and images displayed on the Website are developed to indicate product attributes and may be different from the real product.
  • By receiving your order, you agree to accept our Personal Information Policy Agreement and Website Use Conditions and you give us permission to collect, process, disclose, and use the information collected from you for the purpose of processing your order, delivery, and for the purpose specified in personal information.
  • Order by credit card: Your order is considered received by us once we have received full and complete payment for the order and you have received an e-mail from us with your order details (“Payment confirmation”).
  • Order by e-banking: Your order is considered received by us once we have received full and complete payment for the order and you have received an e-mail from us and a third party company processing your payment with your order details and confirmation of full payment (“Payment confirmation”).
  • Selecting payment at Counter Service: If you choose to pay for your order at Counter Service, you will receive an e-mail from us (“Notification”) and an e-mail from the company processing your payment with your order details. The fact that you have received the notification does not mean your order has been already received. Your order is considered received by us once we have received full and complete payment for the order and you have received an e-mail from the third party company processing your payment with your order details and confirmation of full payment (“Payment Confirmation”).
  • Payment
    • Payment by credit card – You will be transferred to a third party credit card company's website to make your payment. Your payment via such website means you agree to be bound by the terms and conditions of the credit card company and the website.
    • Payment by e-banking – You will be transferred to a third party payment company's website to make your payment. Your payment via such website means you agree to be bound by the terms and conditions of the payment company and the website.
    • Payment at Counter Service – You are required to make full payment at Counter Service within 48 hours from the time you receive notification. Any order that has not been paid by the specified time is deemed cancelled. Payment at Counter Service is considered your agreement to be bound by the terms and conditions of the payment company.
    • All payments are subject to approval by the third party payment company and/or financial institute and we will not have any liability if the third party payment company and/or financial institute declines your credit card payment or e-banking transaction or Counter Service transaction due to any reason. We reserve the right to:
      • Fully use our discretion to decline any payment without notice of the reason.
      • Modify payment conditions for products at anytime. All orders received on the Website are subject to our acceptance. We may or may not accept your order at our discretion.
  • Ownership and risk of loss or damage of the products you purchase will be transferred to you immediately after the products are taken out of our premises, given that we have received a full and complete payment for the product.
  • Product delivery
    • After payment confirmation, we will deliver the product to the given address.
    • Product delivery will be processed for locations in Thailand or other places with possible additional charges. However, we reserve the right to decline delivering the project to any location without notice of the reason.
    • Unless we agree otherwise, we will deliver the product by postal service to a given address displayed on your order on the Website.
    • Even though we put our reasonable effort to deliver the product to you within 3-5 working days from the date you receive payment confirmation, we cannot guarantee that we can deliver the product within the timeframe and the shown delivery date is the expected date and is not considered part of the contract between you and us. We will not be liable for any delay in delivery regardless of the reason.
    • All products delivered and received at the address specified in your order means delivery and order have been completed. In case there is no recipient of the delivered product, we may use our discretion to deliver the product again and you shall be responsible for the cost of the next delivery.
    • We suggest that you check the product you receive within 7 days after the date you receive the product. If you find wrong shipment or product defect, you can inform and return the product to us by calling us at 088-8069696 , 088-8246611. The product must be in good condition, unopened, and in saleable condition.
    • In case of wrong shipment or product defect, you can request a product return within 7 days from the date you receive the product by calling us at 088-8069696 , 088-8246611 and showing that the product is unopened and in saleable condition. After the 7-day period, we shall not proceed with your request.
    • In case the product is returned to PM 80 LTD. because it cannot be delivered, PM 80 LTD. shall refund the amount we have charged.
  • To the extent permitted by law and regulations, our liability for your order via the Website and for any other cases either under the contract, a breach, or others (including but not limited to loss, damage, or injury directly or indirectly caused by a product that does not comply with the agreement, or breaks any other agreement as displayed) shall not exceed the total amount paid for purchasing the product. We shall not be liable for direct, indirect, special, incidental damage or damage arising from or related to the purchase of the product (either liability caused by negligence, breach of contract, false statements, or any reason) or any damage caused by our employees, agents or customer service staff.
  • You agree to indemnify us against property loss or damage or danger to body or life of any person resulting from your mistake, negligence, intention to cause damage or breach of the contract as specified in the Terms and Conditions.
  • Purchasing products from this Website is solely at your own risk. Products sold under this Website offer no warranty expressly or tacitly, including but not limited to other implied warranty or implied conditions as specified, quality, ability to purchase and suitability for the purpose as permitted by the law.
  • The Terms and Conditions show all obligation and liability regarding your order on the Website and related service and there is no warranty, condition, or other agreement by which we are bound unless expressly displayed in the Terms and Conditions. Any warranty, condition, or agreement related to the products which may be considered part of the Terms and Conditions implicitly, by law, or by any cause shall be considered totally excluded by the Terms and Conditions to the maximum extent to be excluded permitted by law.
  • We reserve the right to amend, revise, and modify the Terms and Conditions at our discretion without prior notice. By continuing to use the Website and send an order after such changes, you agree to accept such changes to the Terms and Conditions.
  • We are not liable for your loss or damage caused by delay or failure to proceed or being released from liability under the agreement by other cause as long as such delay or failure results from a situation beyond our control.
  • We reserve the right to restrict or cancel or reduce the order volume in case, at our sole discretion, such order may lead to our breach of Terms and Conditions or any other applicable law or regulations.
  • If any item of the Terms and Conditions of this agreement is not legally binding and enforceable or is against the law regardless of the reason by a court of competent jurisdiction, such item shall not affect the enforcement of other items of the Terms and Conditions and the item that cannot be enforced shall be excluded.
  • Terms and Conditions of this agreement, including notification and payment confirmation, are considered a bilateral agreement for your purchase that is enforced to replace any other text or agreement, either written or verbal, between you and us.
  • Terms and Conditions of this agreement shall be enforced and interpreted by Thai law. Any dispute under or related to the Terms and Conditions of this agreement without any limitation of question of existence, validity, or cancellation shall be referred to and tried by a court of competent jurisdiction for general cases in Thailand.
  • Information and comments about your order on the Website will be sent to PM 80 LTD. at the address specified below. PM 80 LTD. Company address : 111 Jarus Muang Road, Rong Mueng, Pathumwan, Bangkok 10330 Customer Service Department Phone number: 088-8069696 , 088-8246611 E-mail: p80.natural@gmail.com

Privacy Policy

This Privacy Policy describes the type of information to be accessed or collected when you visit the Website and the purpose of using such information.
PM 80 LTD. is aware of our responsibility to keep your personal information that is given to us voluntarily and all information from you shall be stored, used, and disclosed under the conditions of this Privacy Policy. If you do not want us to store, use, and disclose the specified information, please refrain from giving us your information.
The information PM 80 LTD. collects from you may include your name, address, e-mail, phone number, gender, age, heath-related information, and satisfaction. In case you order PM 80 LTD.'s product, we will also collect your payment information, e.g. credit card information (in case you pay by credit card).
PM 80 LTD. will store, use, and disclose your information for the following objectives.
  • To proceed with your order for products and services
  • To ensure you receive the product and service information that meets your needs.
  • To provide health-related information, products and services.
  • To record your information in the membership system of PM 80 LTD., competition, or other activities and to proceed and manage in the same format.
  • To contact you about marketing activities, promotions, discounts, PR events, special offers, and new products or services.
  • To receive comments about products and services.
  • To answer your questions or comments.
  • To use the information for analysis, research, investigation, and internal training to develop products and services of PM 80. Co., Ltd. for you.
  • To improve the use or access to the Website.
  • To analyze the Website and consumption information so PM 80 LTD. can better understand your needs or study the pattern and trend of your website use or consumption.
  • For other objectives with your prior consent or permitted by law.
To achieve such objectives, we may disclose your information to PM 80 LTD.'s affiliates in Thailand and other countries.
If you would like to modify the information given to us, you can log in to the Website to make changes (in case you have already registered with the Website) or if you do not want PM 80 LTD. to use the information to contact you, please contact us at:
Phone number : 088-8069696 , 088-8246611 (Monday-Friday except holidays)
Website : www.p80naturalessence.com
E-mail : p80.natural@gmail.com
Company address : 111 Jarus Muang Road, Rong Mueng, Pathumwan, Bangkok 10330
All rights reserved by PM 80 LTD.

Pre-order conditions

Please read thoroughly and understand before PRE-ORDER.
What is PRE-ORDER? PRE-ORDER is ordering a product from the plant in case it is out of stock. You can make a PRE-ORDER under the following conditions.
  • The waiting time for the order is about 90-100 days
  • The company will order the product from the plant after receiving confirmation from the customer with money transfer slip. Online sales department will notify the customer to confirm the order.
  • All PRE-ORDER cases cannot be cancelled or refunded. (Please read the details thoroughly before ordering.)
PRE-ORDER warranty
  • If the product does not arrive in time as notified, the company will refund customers the price of the product and money transfer fees.

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